Thursday, July 20, 2017

Revenge of the Mini Pops

Jump? Hmm, well, they try and make a good likeness of the musicians, but that does not even slightly look like Van Halen.

Anyway, these were all over the place in the 80s, including tons of commercials and videos. They were pretty cute, to be honest, but I never really got into it myself. I would've been more into Chipmunks covers. ;)

Interesting text justification there. Aww, lookit little Sade. :)

And hey hey, it's a gatefold! A Quality record indeed!


  1. Regarding "Jump", they aren't supposed to be Van Halen but, rather, The Pointer Sisters, I believe,
    who also had a big hit titled "Jump" (totally unrelated to the VH song, thank goodness!)


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