Friday, February 5, 2016

Hey, Baby!

Shake a tail feather!

Fun cover from this interesting R&B/soul band. From their wiki page: "Geno Washington was a US airman stationed in East Anglia who became well known for his impromptu performances in London nightclubs. In 1965, guitarist Pete Gage needed a singer to front his new band and replace the previous singer Errol Dixon, and asked Washington to join. When Washington was discharged from the US Airforce, he became the band's frontman."

I figured that maybe it's a Bond three-wheeler they're driving in this pic from the back cover, but no. It's actually featured nearly in full on the cover of their next album...

The car is the Opus HRF (Hot Rod Ford). Good info here and here.

Anyway, though it's not from this album (their second), I'd like to add a song from their first; a fun, unique cover of "Que Sera, Sera":

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