Sunday, January 10, 2016

Martin Mull is...Perfect?

My first Martin Mull album! I'd been hoping to come across one for a long time. And this is one of those seldom used double sleeve albums. :)

Outer sleeve front:

Lots of great stuff here. I especially like 'Increase Lifeline.' :p

Outer sleeve back:

Didn't realize it was so blurry. Might replace it sometime, but it's still legible, so we'll see.

Inner sleeve front:

Nice and simple, though certainly not inspired like the outer one.

Inner sleeve back:

'Bun and Run' is, of course, a reference to Happy Kyne's chain of restaurants in the Fernwood, Ohio area. ;) If you're not hip to that, it's from Mull's series Fernwood 2 Night, which had a second season as America 2-Night. Both are AMAZING. He and co-host Fred Willard were a great team.

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