Sunday, August 16, 2015

Disco *barf* Duck Dance Parties

 A "classic" album, folks...

Wasn't aware his name was Irwin, though he may be one of many disco ducks. *shrug* Why is he wearing pants and she is quite um...pantsless? I guess they couldn't have just had her tail sticking out.

New future releases? Is that just presumption or some sort of temporal issue? Well, there was at least one more...

This is another album, despite it looking like the back of the first cover. I was just reminded of an episode of The Jeffersons where George starts going disco dancing with Helen. It's amazing how much dancing they did in that. Seemed like an easy way to avoid writing more dialogue. Heh.

It has a comic as the back cover:

 I know you're just dying to read it, so here's a better look...

I knew there was more than one Disco Duck and they say so themselves! (without even realizing it!) Notice it says At Irwin the Disco Ducks' discotheque. I guess they're all named Irwin, too. So weird! ;)

Oh, and it's a cliffhanger. B'oh!


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