Wednesday, August 13, 2014

K-tel's Dumb Ditties

The 24 greatest ones, that is...

I love these fun, pun-laden covers. :)

Hard to imagine an album like this being advertised on TV nowadays, except perhaps on Saturday morning? I don't think I had this one growing up, but definitely had similar ones.

Typical bland back cover, though the reversed lettering gives it a bit more character than the K-tel norm.

Here's a TV ad for it:



  1. old friend of mine had this album...I think he still has it...haven't talked to him in years...too bad there wasn't a way I could listen to this album...thanks for the cool posting :)

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. :) I know most of the songs would be on Youtube. I sometimes look up ones I don't know (or ones I just want to hear again). I did find an ad for the album (I need to check for those more often!) and have updated the post to include it.


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