Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pop[ple] music

Remember the Popples? Well, maybe this will help if you don't...

I dunno about the cartoon series, as I wasn't exactly into such things at the time (or any time), but the toys were clever! As a couple of them are illustrating in the...illustration...*ahem* could fold them into a pouch that effectively turned them into a soft plush ball.

Dunno what's on the record. Probably death metal.

P.C. stands for Pretty Cool? Pfft...

The cut-out sheet. Kinda disappointing (maybe?) that it's the same images as on the back cover.

Here's the intro and end credits to the cartoon:

Looks pretty violent.

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  1. How great! Me and my sister would listen to y his for hours when we were kids! Is this for sale? Please let me know


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