Monday, January 6, 2014

Stupid Google Drive, whatever that is!

Well, I was going to make a new vinyl post, but I can't add images! Something called Google Drive pops up instead and wants me to use Google Docs or something. (?!) Why can't I just browse to my image folder like before? (and why does it seem like they want everyone to have access to my pictures without even asking permission?) Really getting tired of Google tinkering around with things and messing them up...

Anyone know a way around this nonsense?

UPDATE: Ok, I've found a workaround through the Blogger/Google forums. Instead of going to my dashboard via, I went through and it works. It seems to be a glitch, possibly due to too many things being integrated lately. I'll use for now and hope things get fixed quickly, because this problem was far from the only one people are experiencing.

P.S.I 'm still tired of Google messing things up. Haha. ;)  

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  1. Well, I started making a post using Internet Explorer, which does have the good old 'Select a file...' box popping up (does Google hate Firefox users or something?), but man, that browser is so broken that I just gave up. The cursor doesn't even show up half the time! I'm sure I'll figure something out eventually... :/


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