Sunday, December 29, 2013

Eating Popcorn in the Grass

I like to start out with a nice portrait if I can. Now, let's proceed to the covers and find out who this gentleman is...

Ted Duff! :) Love the title and eye-catching imagery.

Hey, he recorded it only 30 minutes or so from my house! It definitely does sound like fun. I really must listen to it soon... *shame*
Nice selections, I must say. I really need to listen to it... (and help preserve it for all of humanity?)
There's a nice amount of info out there, including songs on YouTube. As usual, the ability to post the video you want here is nullified by the terrible system in place. (I've ranted about it and mentioned it to them before) Please just use these links to videos posted by thebport...


  1. Preserve? Yes please. Dude's a true artsist if it takes him a year to get exactly the right sound out of his Moog. He gives Enoch Light a run for his money on the technical notes.

    Is One Fine Morning is that song by Lighthouse?

  2. I have a turntable with USB out. Haven't transferred anything yet, but this would be a nice way to start. :) I'll certainly let you know when I'm done.

    I would imagine you're right about One Fine Morning, since that was a big Canadian hit. (as was Oh, What a Feeling by Crowbar [not to be confused with the metal group from New Orleans, heh heh])


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