Wednesday, November 28, 2012

K-tel's 24 Great Tear Jerkers

Lovely eye-catching art on the cover, as usual from K-tel.

Non-lovely, bland back cover, as usual from K-tel. ;)

If I think about those tracks too much, I'm gonna have all kinds of catchy tunes stuck in my head all day!


  1. Don't know that I've ever encountered anyone else who has a fascination with K-Tel.

    1. Fascination is a little strong, but I do like them, especially the ones with the cartoony covers. :)

      Have you seen the K-tel documentary "As Seen on TV: The K-tel Story"?

    2. No I haven't! I'll get right on tracking that down. Thanks.

  2. Someone named Jimmy sent an e-mail through the contact form here asking about this album and the address he provided for me to follow up doesn't work, so if you're reading this, Jimmy, try again with another address or something! ;)


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