Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rollicking sea shanties

Fun cover on this one. Oscar Brand plays guitar on this, by the way. More info on him here. :) He's had quite a career and life in general! According to that info...

"Brand was on the original board that created the Children's Television Workshop (CTW), which was the genesis of the creation of the Sesame Street television show. He maintains that the organization has never achieved its original purpose, which was to reach inner-city children. His demeanor led to the creation of Oscar the Grouch. This was confirmed on March 4, 2010, by Brand's son, Jordan Brand, who was appearing on Jeopardy!, in response to a question by Alex Trebek."

A study in high fidelity sound? How serious are they about that? Well...

...those are certainly some very technical technical notes. Interesting to some! :p

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