Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girl power!

 I love finding albums made by families and their friends, especially knowing that they are most likely very limited edition. Doesn't make them worth more in most cases (they're worth whatever you paid), but kinda neat knowing hardly anyone has it nowadays. They often have a certain amount of religiousness to them, but that's ok. I mostly buy them for the covers.

P.S. I am updating the picture today (Dec. 9, 2017), as the old one was on Photobucket...*groan*...and now realize how off I was in my 'limited edition' comment, especially being reminded below of how big some of these people were at one time. I can look back on it and laugh, especially understanding the situation FAR better now, having been collecting records for several years now.


  1. I met the parschauer sisters once. I worked at a resort as a sound tech, and they came to do a concert. They were very nice, treated me well, and left a good tip.

    I highly doubt that album you have was a limited edition or made by/for family. the parschauers, I found out, were very popular in canadian christian music circles. if you're neither canadian nor christian, you can be forgiven for not having hear of them, but trust me, inside that world, they were stars.


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